Hampshire European Horse Transport

We were one of the first horse transporters to get operating straight after Brexit in 2021, after the rules and regulations proved to be difficult for many to work out.  We had a lorry back on the road in Europe by the end of January 2021. Although we are a small company, since Brexit we have successfully transported over 100 horses between the UK and Europe to date.

We have an excellent system for getting both registered and unregistered horses processed quickly and efficiently through the French Border Control vet and customs checks at both Calais and Caen. Elsewhere there have been incidents of horses being kept waiting for clearance for as long as 8 to 10 hours. With us in 2021, thanks to our small private loads and carefullness, none of our horses ever had to wait more than 3 hours for clearance; and by the end of 2022 we had horses cleared to leave in under 45 minutes.

We are one of the minority of horse transporters that has never had a horse turned back to the UK after entering France. This happens because there are mistakes on the paperwork. Our agents check through the vet and customs papers very carefully before the horse even leaves the UK, so that any mistakes can be quickly rectified before the horse arrives in France.

We have our own stabling and grazing available in a small private yard which is just 35 minutes from Portsmouth International Port; this is a good resting point for the horses travelling via the Portsmouth - Caen ferry crossing. We have an excellent export vet available to do the export health papers, who is very efficient.

Alternatively; we have stabling available in Dover and Newmarket, with professional export vets on hand to do the export health papers.

We operate private loads only, to and from the EU ; this allows us to ensure that all the customs and vet paperwork is 100 % correct before the horse even leaves, and allows each horse to travel from their home, direct to their destination.

A small number of horses also ensures that we have the time to really look after each horse,and to ensure that each horse is delivered in the best possible condition. We keep their owners updated throughout their journey, by sending regular photos and videos via mobile phone.

We can transport just 1 horse in our small horsebox; or up to 7 horses in our large horsebox.

We do not provide large group horse transport with a mix of clients - this would cause multiple detours and delays for the horse, and put each horse at risk from catching infections or diseases, and exhaustion.

Please bear in mind that when asking for a quote ; that we do private loads only, so the costs will be very different from those offering large group transport.

We have plenty of European travel stories, photos and reviews on our Facebook page.

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