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About us

Hampshire European Horse Transport was established in 2018.

Ilona is the main driver. Ilona previously spent 20 years working in the equine industry, riding and caring for horses in different settings. This ranged from racehorses in training, to sports horses competing internationally, breeding stock at thoroughbred and sport horse studs, to adored family ponies.

So much thought goes into managing their comfort and wellbeing, which is dependent on their temperament and management; these have been very useful skills to carry forwards to today.

Ilona also worked as a driver for established international racehorse transporters, transporting Thoroughbred mares and foals from abroad, driving racehorses to race meetings, and loading up and delivering large numbers of high value yearlings at the Thoroughbred yearling sales (including the sales toppers being sold at between £1 million to £3.5 million).

Alongside this, 4 years were spent working for South Central Ambulance Service. Wherever possible, a spare day was dedicated to the non-emergency services, to carefully transport seriously ill or disabled patients between hospitals and hospices. In the ambulance service, you receive regular driving training and examinations, to ensure that every driver thoroughly understands a range of smooth driving techniques. This is so that each patient can be driven smoothly, with their health and comfort in mind.

When driving horses, the horse cannot speak to tell the driver that they are driving badly, but these patients were the best driving trainers for smooth driving that you could possibly get.  Many of them were so ill and so fragile, that any sudden braking, bump or corner taken too fast, would result in a patient screaming and crying in pain. We learnt very quickly how to drive appropriately, so that they were kept as comfortable as possible during transit.

To this day, all our horses are driven in exactly the same way, which is why they arrive at the end of their long distance trips in good condition, looking fresh and well.

Ilona is also the Transport Manager for the company, having gained the CILT Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers in Road Haulage, in 2022.

Jamie is the second driver. Jamie has an amazing affinity with animals, and loves horses more than he does anyone else! He will always spend his driver’s breaks talking to the horses in the back of the lorry, and making sure that they are O.K. In his younger years he worked for David Elsworth Racing, before going on to be an apprentice jockey for Brendan Powell Racing. He then got his Class 1 driving licence, and spent 6 years driving arctic lorries all over the U.K. Jamie’s experience as a ‘proper trucker’ is absolutely invaluable.

Both Ilona & Jamie have the CPC ( Driver’s certificate of professional competence ) and the Level 3 Award in the Principles of transporting horses on long journeys.

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